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Since its founding in 2010, WORDSINVEST has become a key translation, interpreting and video subtitling provider.

We stand ready to advise you, as this is vital for us to understand your requirements and so meet all your needs as fully as possible.

WORDSINVEST now has the best expertise to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

Choosing WORDSINVEST means that you will work with a team of specialists with expert knowledge gained from their academic and professional experience.

A company dedicated to institutional clients

More than 15 years’ knowledge of law, the economy and the financial markets

Quick to respond, flexible and reliable

Translation into every language

Translators work solely into their native language

Meeting of confidentiality, terminology and stylistic requirements, thanks to our adaptability

Creation of translation memories using our CAT tools

Regular discussion and monitoring of your needs and activity

Round-the-clock availability

In short, an experienced team available to assist you and listen to your needs to establish an active collaboration.

Our services




Page layout services

Multi-lingual subtitling using our online platform

Swearing, certification and notarisation

Automation of your regulatory, reporting, business and marketing documents


Our unique selling points

team of specialists available to assist you.

Consistent meeting of deadlines.

Unrivalled response times.

Documents of impeccable quality at competitive prices.

simple process that is both efficient and adapted to your needs.

A high standard of client care.

Round-the-clock availability (24/7)


“WORDSINVEST is a professional and reliable service provider that we enjoy working with. We particularly appreciate how quickly they respond and the high standard of their work.”

“We have been working with WORDSINVEST since 2015 in connection with our regular activity, and also on more important projects such as requests for quotes.
We appreciate the following aspects particularly:
– Fast responses and follow-up before and after documents are delivered,
– The reliability and high standard of the work provided; note that this translation provider incorporates and records our corrections and specific wording from one project to the next,
– Ability to suggest ideas and proactive sales approach.
We have built a relationship of trust with this service provider and we highly recommend them.”


“I have been working with WORDSINVEST for a long time and I appreciate their fast responses, our business relationship, their willingness to apply suggested improvements and their ability to deal with urgent documents.”

“We have been working with WORDSINVEST for many years and we are happy with the translations produced. These take into account our translation preferences, the company is attentive to our needs and deadlines are met.”

“We are very happy to work with WORDSINVEST to manage our translations.
Quality, fast response times and good client care are the reasons for our collaboration.”


“WORDSINVEST is the company that we have chosen to provide our translations for a number of years now. The quality of their work, their ability to meet deadlines, our dealings with them and their availability to listen to our needs are highly satisfactory and mean that we would recommend them without hesitation.”

“Natixis has used WORDSINVEST to translate its equity production in the Socially Responsible Investment segment. They have always been quick to respond, translated large quantities under demanding time constraints, and also delivered in terms of quality. I have no hesitation in recommending the company.”

“WORDSINVEST is a professional and reliable service provider that we enjoy working with. We are very happy with our partnership, and especially the fact that our translation preferences are applied, which constantly improves the quality of the work delivered. They are also pleasant to deal with and our deadlines are met.”

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