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As financial and legal translators and copywriters, we can also proofread your technical documents in a broad range of languages.


We check the consistency and quality of your documents down to the finest detail.


Our translators and copywriters, all experts in their fields and rigorously selected by WordsInvest, also specialise in technical proofreading.

We tailor our services to meet your needs:


  • Proofreading and editing
  • On-site or off-site
  • On hardcopy, in Word or directly in QuarkXpress or InDesign


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Manager’ Q&A

Why come to WordsInvest for your financial translations?

Guillaume Thuillez : We understand the needs of financial institutions, asset managers and their different departments. Whether you have alternative investment Portfolio Manager comments, bond or equity mutual fund factsheets, hedge fund documentation, RFPs, reference documents or prospectuses to translate, we understand your documents down to the finest detail. This is key to providing you with first class translations.

How do you guarantee quality?

Guillaume Thuillez : We have implemented a rigorous quality process that encompasses the stringent selection of our translators, systematic proofreading and project follow-up. The translators chosen rank among the elite and their knowledge and expertise are crucial to producing quality translations. Our translators write solely in their native language. Our selection process is stricter than those applied by most of our competitors as discussed below. The other elements are proofreading and follow-up. Even when working with the best translators, our translations are systematically edited and proofread by a senior translator. Lastly, we believe that follow-up and communication are vital in guaranteeing long-term quality (see question below). Our tailored follow-up and eagerness to understand and serve you will make WordsInvest the ideal partner that will take into account your needs and concerns at all times.

How do you select your translators?

Guillaume Thuillez : Our translators often come recommended and undertake a varied series of stringent tests which are evaluated by us and our privileged partners. They also undergo a telephone interview and an on-going assessment. We review their knowledge of asset management, financial markets, economy, law, etc. We also evaluate their writing skills with both technical and more marketing translations. Guillaume and I have worked long enough in this industry to be able to avoid the pitfalls in the selection process. Our translators’ cutting edge expertise comes from their direct experience in finance or marketing, specific training and up-to- date knowledge of the changes in their fields of specialisation.

Which follow-up do you offer during and after the translation?

Guillaume Thuillez : Follow-up is one of our priorities. During the translation phase, we keep you informed of the progress of the translation with a simple phone call or email. During the translation phase, we contact you with any questions to ensure that the translation we deliver corresponds exactly to your expectations. Communication between WordsInvest and you is the key, and this collaboration goes beyond delivery. If, for any reason, the translation delivered is not to your standard, we will take the steps necessary to enhance the translation so that it gives you entire satisfaction. We also build a translation memory specific to each client, using the translations you have approved. Your cooperation in providing us with the validated translations is therefore essential to ensure that our terminology database fully reflects your preferences for future translations. Follow-up is the recipe for quality and efficiency in the long run.