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WordsInvest was set up by financial and legal experts

to meet all your technical translation needs:

annual reports, financial documents, press releases, marketing literature...



WordsInvest also offers

to write or proofread

all your corporate literature.

WordsInvest provides valuable services throughout the production chain:

our team can also handle the layout and the printing of your multi-lingual documents

enabling you to save time and gain efficiency.

WordsInvest’s capacity allows for personalised
services provided by a close-knit team of experts

with over 10 years of experience

in finance and asset management as well as in the legal, corporate communication and technical translation fields.


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Our commitment to quality

Your image and your credibility highly depend on the quality of the documents that you publish.

We realize how much is at stake and take all the necessary steps to produce extremely high quality translation and copywriting on your behalf.

Expertise, responsiveness, quality and follow-up is our motto…

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